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How do I setup Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express?

Start Outlook or Outlook Express. Click Tools and choose Accounts. In the "Internet Accounts Windows" click Add and choose Mail.

Fill in your name and click Next. Click "I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use" and fill in your email address. Click Next.

On the "Email Servers Name" page, fill in the server information. "My incoming mail server is a POP3 server."

The incoming mail server should be mail.yourdomain.com.

The Outgoing Mail (SMTP) can be mail.yourdomain.com, but should be your ISP's outgoing mail server.

Click Next. Enter your mailbox username in the account name field, and the password below. 

Click Next and then Finish.

Your Name: your full name
Email Address: username@yourdomain.com (account setup in Mail Manager in your Control Panel)
Incoming Mail
Outgoing Mail
Your dialup ISP's SMTP Server which is faster or mail.yourdomain.com
POP Account
username@yourdomain.com (account setup in Mail Manager in your Control Panel)
Password: Your password (account setup in Mail Manager in your Control Panel)


Notes: You will need to obtain your dialup ISP's Outgoing mail (SMTP) server address.

Typically this is in the form of 'mail.yourdialupisp.com' or 'smtp.yourdialupisp.com' or 'smtp-server'.  
Your dialup ISP will provide this information to you.

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